Released in version 22.06.020


Planned activities contains both MJOP and compliance activities

The tab planned activities at a building now contains both mjop and compliance activities.


The tile Building types and associated screens in data management has been removed, from now on these can be created via the screen List items

Replace organization column with organization description

The Organization column that was shown when the list contains data from shared organizations has been replaced by the Organization Description column

Addition of numeric field when creating MYP activity

In the edit screen of a myp activity a numeric field has been added for the ‘Notification period’ in days where a default value of 60 can be adjusted by the user.



Bugs fixed

Error when uploading multiple photos when creating a defect solved

Uploading multiple photos when creating a defect gave errors and it seemed that the defect was not created. This has been fixed in this version.

All comments tabs can be viewed and edited

It is possible to add comments to the Elements, Compliance Activities, Notifications, Revisions and Work Orders screens in a sub tab. These are automatically provided with a username and date/time stamp. Not all of these comments tabs were openable or editable. That has now been resolved. In addition, the comments are sorted in such a way that the newest additions are shown at the top.

Switching without TOTP to organizations with TOTP

Now a user who is logged in without TOTP can switch to organizations with TOTP.

Sub-tabs are shown with the correct role

For a user with a certain role, the sub tabs were not always shown. This has now been resolved.

Adding locations to the filter

Adding locations to the filter was not implemented immediately but only after refreshing the page. This has now been resolved

Indexation in forecast price reference year as starting point

For indexation in a forecast, the price reference year – of the MJOP activity – must be taken as the starting point and not the starting year of the forecast. This has now been adjusted and the price level year is now used.