Release Notes 31 May 2023

We are happy to tell you that the release of 3 May 2023 is live! Here you will find the Release Notes. This update is all about; Projectmanagement, Relationships with assets, some minor improvements and of course bug fixes

HUMBLE’s projects module has taken shape! It can be found through ‘Contract Management’ and then; ‘Projects’. Through this module it is possible to manage high level projects in HUMBLE. In this first version the following functionalities have been made available;

  • You can link a project to a location, supplier and/or customer.
  • Status determination per (sub)project.
  • A project can consist of one or more sub-projects.
  • One or more planned activities can be linked to each (sub)project (MYMP activity, Ticket, Revision, Sustainability activity).
  • Per (sub)project a responsible person can be set up.
  • For each project a project type can be defined. This list can be managed via ‘Data management’ and then ‘Project types’.
  • Start and end dates can be made transparant.
  • For each (sub)project there is a ‘Budget’, ‘Used budget’ and ‘Remaining budget’. Per project you set a budget. All costs of the linked planned activities are added in the ‘Used budget’ field. The set budget minus the consumed budget is shown in the field ‘Remaining budget’.
  • Documents and images can be linked to (sub)projects.
  • In all Location screens (for example ‘Buildings’), but also in the ‘Suppliers’ screen, linked projects can be viewed.
  • On the ‘MYMP activity’, ‘Notification’, ‘Revision’ and ‘Sustainability activity’ screens, the ‘Project’ field has been added to link these activities to a project.

We are currently thinking about how to visually unlock a project’s planned activities in a timeline. If you are missing any functionality in project management in HUMBLE, please let us know!

IIn the previous update, we added the ‘Relationships with locations’ component. Through this update, we are rolling out ‘Relationships with assets’. The principle is the same. One or more relationships can be defined per asset. Think of the owner, administrator or installer. Go to the sub tab ‘Relationships’ at the asset. Add a relation and choose a relation type from the list. An asset can be related to a customer, supplier and/or person. The ‘Customers’, ‘Suppliers’ and ‘Persons’ screens also show all linked assets. Super handy!

Standard executive of activity(s)

Now that relationships between suppliers and assets can be defined, it is possible to use this information. If for a relation between an asset and a supplier the option ‘Default executive of activities’ is set to ‘Yes’, when adding for example a notification for this asset, the related supplier will be filled in automatically! So when this is properly set up, a user no longer has to think about which supplier should pick up a notification. All he has to do is press the ‘Notify Executive’ button. Great right?


Changing GPS positioning

In addition to the existing image, we have also added a map to the location detail screen. You can easily switch between the image and the map. Want to change the location? Then go to the ‘Map’ subtab. Here you will see the large version of the map. To change the location, click Change and then you can drag the marker to the correct location. Click save and your GPS positioning has been changed!

Location clustering

We’ve also optimized the map view. We’ve added clusters, which allows you to see how many locations are in one place. Clicking on them will take you to the locations and show you exactly where the locations are.

We also updated the marker icon, which allows you to more accurately see exactly where a location sits.

In some cases there was no pop-up when you clicked on a location marker in the map view, that has also been fixed.

Water management

  • Another update to the Water Management module in this release. We have worked hard on the following components:
    Control measures; One or more control measures can now be scheduled for each tap point (or location). These activities are part of an organization’s legionella management plan. Examples include; Flushing, Measuring Temperature, Sampling, Checking valves and the like. The activities can be assigned internally or externally. A sub tab ‘Control Measures’ has been added to the Tap point screen.
  • Tap point changes; It is now possible to enter tap point changes. Through this screen such changes can be documented so that, in case of violations or if a tap is installed incorrectly, a recovery action can be performed. A sub tab ‘Changes’ has been added to the Tap point screen.
  • Tap point change templates; We have also made it possible for you to create templates for ‘Tap Point Changes’. These templates make it possible to register more frequent problems (with tap points) so that, when they occur again, the problem and solution text can be automatically populated in the modification. Very handy!

Rights adjustable on ‘Comments’ sub tabs

A sub tab ‘Remarks’ is available on several screens. This tab can be used to record various information. Through the admin mode of the screen, the following permissions are adjustable; ‘View Remarks’, ‘Change Remarks’, ‘Add Remarks’, ‘Archive Remarks’.

Adding other record from edit/add screen

A bug that has been in HUMBLE for a very long time has finally been fixed. The plus icon and the corresponding functionality that you can quickly add a related record (from an edit/add screen) had disappeared. This is now back and that is actually quite nice!


Three things went wrong with the dashboards, these have now been fixed;

  • Something went wrong in the dashboard with the tickets, they were stacking on top of each other.
  • The quick filters in dashboards settings had disappeared. These are now back and working properly again.
  • The dashboards were not properly translated in all languages, so they were occasionally shown blank.

MYMP prognosis board

When you added additional columns to MYMP forecast they were not all showing. This is now fixed.

After you made adjustments to a MYMP forecast, you had to manually refresh your screen before the adjustments were visible. This was very annoying but is now fixed and the screen is automatically refreshed.

Using multi-select to make changes after filtering

In the situation where you filtered a list using quick filters to then make changes, this did not always go well. The whole list was selected in the background for modification instead of just the selection. This has now been fixed and works properly.

Only edit comments you added yourself

It was possible to also edit comments added by another user. We have changed that; you can now only edit comments that you added yourself.

Documents immediately visible after linking

Something went wrong so that after linking a document you had to refresh before they became visible. This made it look like it was unsuccessful. This is now fixed and the linked documents are visible immediately after linking.

All assets of the location (and sub-locations) are now shown on the Notification screen

The ‘Asset’ field on the Notification screen used to show only the assets directly linked to the entered location. Now the assets linked to lower locations are also shown.

Multiple annotations on a document

Unfortunately, if you made multiple annotations on a document, they were only saved the first time. That has been fixed with this release.


App update

Very soon we will release a new version of the HUMBLE App. This will include, for example, the ability to copy an asset. A small addition that simplifies performing an inspection.

Compliance update!

To provide our users with the most up-to-date laws and regulations (related to assets and buildings) we have a partnership with Melford. At the end of each quarter, Melford updates the list of current laws and regulations. All (textual/frequency) changes, additions and regulations that have expired are on this list.

For example, as of this year, an installer must be BRL 6000-25 certified to perform maintenance on building-related gas combustion installations; such as gas boilers and flue systems.

Through the next update (June 28, 2023), we will update our ruleset so that HUMBLE is again completely current and complete. If applicable, your compliance activities will be updated automatically.

Want to know in advance what this means for your organization? If so, contact a HUMBLE specialist.

Water management

We are making good progress with Water Management, we are in the process of adding the necessary functionalities to the HUMBLE App.

Apply data filter for locations and assets

Currently we are working on the possibility to give clients/suppliers easy access to only the related locations/assets in HUMBLE! Very nice if you don’t want to share all your data on buildings and assets, but only a selection.

For activities this was already possible through the role ‘All my/supplier activities’.

Next update

HUMBLE’s next update will be June 28, 2023. The app update will occur earlier. Separate release notes will be sent for this.

Curious what else our designers and developers are working on? Check it out here.