App update: Improved in version 22.07.130


Set primary image for assets, locations and defects

It is now possible to change the primary image of an asset, location or defect via the app! Use the pushpin icon next to the image for this

The ‘Code’ field has been removed from the location screen

Each location (building, floor, room etc.) must have a unique code. This can now no longer be entered in the app, so that no duplications in codes can occur. These duplications resulted in error messages that prevented newly created locations from being synchronized. Management of location codes should now be done in HUMBLE, and not in the app. This change makes it easier for an on-site inspector to create locations without error messages!

Field ‘Year of construction’ does not show a superfluous ‘0’

This has now been corrected. This was the case before. When filling in, the ‘0’ had to be removed first before filling in the year of construction. This extra action has now been removed. Capture data more efficiently!

Bugs fixed

Location structure (order from terrain to workplace) is recoverd

The order of the locations was not correct in the app. For example, it was not possible to create a buildingpart on a floor. The order in the location tree is now the same as the order in the HUMBLE application.

Added custom fields are immediately visible after retrieving the master data

When it is chosen to record extra data for assets, for example, than there are standard fields available, custom fields can be used. These custom fields can be created via the HUMBLE application. Previously, the app had to be completely removed from your device and reinstalled. Only then did the custom fields appear. This is no longer necessary. Create the custom fields in HUMBLE, open the ‘Application settings’ menu in the app, the option ‘Inspection data download’, and then click on ‘Download master data (again)’. Just wait, and the custom fields will become visible!

Hide menu tiles in the app through roles and permissions

Previously it was not possible to hide tiles in the app through roles and permissions. This is now possible. One should ensure that a user is able to perform and store an inspection. needs permissions for ‘Inspections’ as well as for ‘Assets’. Users of organizations that do not use roles and rights automatically receive rights for all menu tiles.

From now on, numbers with decimals will be stored and displayed correctly

In the assets screen in the app, decimals in the ‘Number’ and ‘Capacity’ fields were not shown. It was possible to enter numbers after the decimal point, but these were not saved. Both situations have been restored. Filling custom fields with numerical values also works now!

It is no longer possible to store more than 100% of defects

When a user tries to save more than 100% of NEN2767 defects for an asset, this will be rejected immediately (before saving). It is now clearly shown how much percent is still available. This used to go wrong with syncing defects from the app to the HUMBLE application. With this update, making errors with percentages of defects is almost impossible!