Realized in version 22.04.110


Code field at locations extended to 30 characters

This change makes it possible to register a longer code for each location in HUMBLE. Previously, this field was secured on 10 characters, which turned out to be too little in practice. In addition, the location code must be unique within the organization from now on. At first it was only necessary to use the same code within the different location types. A room and a floor with the same code is therefore no longer possible. This was done, among other things, to facilitate the import of elements, for example. When the unique code of a location is used during the import, all links are immediately made correctly.

When changing the NL-SfB code of an element, the element’s own description is also changed.

When you change an NL-SfB code of an element, the description of the element is overwritten, if it was already changed. This improvement makes it easier to change an element of code, without leaving the description unchanged.

Useful export date columns

An often heard and requested improvement of HUMBLE! Since this release date columns in lists are exported as shown. So no longer with a full date/time stamp with time zone. This makes the use (sorting/filtering) of date columns in Excel exports more user-friendly!

BMS management additions

Several screens (for example; ‘Work Orders’, ‘Blockages’, ‘Alarms’, etc.) have been added to HUMBLE in this release. The BMS management screens are not visible by default because a separate implementation process is required.

Multi-unpin of documents is now possible

Documents can be pinned in the document management (using the pushpin icon) to be able to quickly download multiple documents. However, unpinning was not possible. A ‘cross’ is now available for this both on the left (under the location filter) and on the top right (under the ‘Favorites’ button). Pressing the cross results in an emptied clipboard.

Dashboard cards are now sorted alphabetically

This is done to make it easier to find available tickets in the ‘Edit’ screen of a dashboard.

Entered comments can be edited on the ‘Comments’ tabs

For example with; ‘Elements’, ‘Notifications’, ‘Compliance Activities’ and the like it is now possible to edit a comment entered by a user. Comments automatically generated by HUMBLE are not editable by a user.

Images are shown in viewer

It was not possible to directly open images in HUMBLE via the ‘Document management’ screen. This is now possible.


Bugs fixed

Changing/adding in an organization that has shared its data was also possible with viewing rights

This bug has been resolved with this release. When one has received viewing rights on another organization, one can now only look at the shared data.

Multi-Select changing date fields has been fixed

This bug fix makes it possible to easily change date fields of multiple records in one action by means of ‘Multi-Select’, and then ‘Change’. This action no longer results in an error message, and the changes are now actually applied.

‘Save, add one more’ button now works more than once

This bug fix is very welcome. When you create multiple records in succession, you can use the ‘Save, add one more’ button. Pressing the button after filling the record will save the record. Then the form is immediately emptied to add another record. However, when this button was used twice in succession, the second time the form was no longer cleared. That problem is now solved!

Start year in MYMP Prognosis is no longer seen as a number, but as a year

This is a minor fix. Previously, in the MYMP Prognose, the starting year was seen as a number (2,022) instead of as a year (2022). That has now been resolved.

When linking a location to an inspection, the screen did not load properly

This has now been fixed. All locations now appear. Previously, locations were only shown if the location filter on the left was expanded.

Energy label images were not available for labels E and A+

This has been fixed with this release. When a location is added with energy label A+ or E, an image of the label is shown on the sub-tab ‘Energy label’. This already worked for all other labels.