Plans for 2025 and more

You might already think our product is fantastic and finished, but we ourselves are never satisfied with the way it is. In fact, the boundaries of what we can do are endless. HUMBLE is constantly innovating and never stops doing so! Innovation is becoming more and more structured. We renew, speed up, improve and release our product twice a month. You as a customer don’t have to worry about that because you don’t have to update anything because you use the plaform as a SaaS service.

HUMBLE has over eight hundred new requirements in the roadmap at the moment. We would love to be able to predict and outline everything. That may be possible in the short term, but how will the world look in, say, a year from now? Nonetheless, we try to anticipate this as best we can. For the time being, we have over eight hundred points in our roadmap, but such a roadmap will always be something that lives: it is continuously crossed off, modified and updated. The one thing that always remains top of mind for us is product improvement, which benefits you directly!

Should you have wishes that are not listed, feel free to report them to us here! We regularly organize sounding board sessions with our users. During these sessions we let our customers think about our roadmap for the coming quarter. It may very well be the case that we miss things within the platform but which may be very relevant for certain users. If you would like to be present at this event to see what the latest developments are, please inform your account manager and he or she will be happy to invite you at a future event!

The long term story is clear: HUMBLE aims to become the platform on which all data relating to real estate comes together, which is integrated with all possible systems and where maintenance is no longer done on an instinctive basis, but rather weekly according to the current status of components within real estate. We are not just talking about a dynamic maintenance plan, we are actually making it a reality! By taking small steps, we will eventually reach our final goal.

A roadmap that goes further than one year is rather difficult to realize. However, in terms of vision, we know exactly where we want to go. That’s why we like to inform you about our ideas that will be on the roadmap in the longer term. The more frequently we hear about a good idea or see it as a wish of our customers, the sooner it will be included in the short-term roadmap and consequently become a fact.

A roadmap that goes further than a year is rather difficult to realize. However, we know very well where we want to go in terms of vision. That is why we would like to inform you in this way about our ideas that will appear on the roadmap somewhere in the longer term. And the more often we hear or see a good idea as a request submitted by our customers, the faster this will be placed on the short-term roadmap and the faster it will actually become reality.