This is what we’re working on

HUMBLE is always improving. We continue to work hard to add even more functionalities. We are also looking at how we can make HUMBLE even more user-friendly!

Compliance activity screen

The compliance activity screen is being revised. This makes adding burden of proof a lot easier. You can do this directly from the list view. See a sneak peek of the redesign here.


With this function you can easily import templates. You can also add templates. Below is a screenshot of what it will look like.


Document management

Document management is being improved in many ways. Improvements include the filter we are expanding; you can also filter on what the document is linked to and the type of file. If there is a validity period for a document, you will quickly see this in the overview. We also add the search function in the tile view, so that you can always find your documents super fast!


Documents on a detail screen

On a detail screen, for example of a building, we merge images and documents. You can also choose the tile view here. This way it’s even easier to find all your important files quickly!