Step-by-step guide to implementing HUMBLE

Implementing a platform like HUMBLE might seem like a big step to many, after all, where do you start and what are the most logical steps?

Of course, HUMBLE is designed in such a way that users can start right away, but if an organization wishes to be assisted in making the right choices during the implementation of our platform, it is of course perfectly possible. A team of professionals is ready to take the entire organization through the steps of the implementation process. If the organization does not have the time or the capacity to get the right information available within the Platform, then we and our partners will gladly help to collect and process the right information. Moreover, if in the future you also want to make sure that the data of your real estate is secured in our platform, many of our partners also offer support during the management process.

Approaching digital property management

Starting to implement a platform may seem like a big step. However, if you make yourself aware of the fact that you can collect information about real estate whenever, wherever, you’ll be one step closer to digital property management. An instantly up-to-date platform is an illusion that even we can’t help you with, but what we can guarantee is that we will work with you every single day to make managing your real estate data just a little bit easier and bring you one step closer to digital real estate management!

We offer our clients various options in order to achieve a conclusive implementation process. Working closely with you, we will be happy to discuss the options available to help you set up the most efficient process possible. By means of our seven step plan we ensure that you can get started with the first framework of the platform as soon as possible. In addition we make sure that you are an accomplished user at the end of the implementation. If during the implementation something comes up, you can report this to our development team straight away by means of a Product Improvement Request.