Discover how HUMBLE brings added value to your real estate. The model is very simple: one fixed amount for an unlimited number of users. After all, the more people work together on the data of your real estate, the more value this real estate will get.

Our prices shown are the prices that apply to regular properties up to x number of square meters. For larger buildings and homes we have adjusted prices and we are happy to come up with a suitable offer that suits your organization and will ensure the right added value of your properties.

Build up of license price

We make sure that we always continue to develop and that every paying customer also sees part of their investment back in specific developments relevant to their target group. Continuously helping our customers improve the way they manage their real estate data is what drives us. Of course we have an extensive roadmap for our product, with wishes that contribute to a better experience of our product and the more efficient management of real estate data on our Platform.

The vast majority of our revenue goes to product development. In this way, HUMBLE always has budget for the further development of the product. What once started with a nice idea has now become a Platform on which thousands of buildings of our customers are managed. It's amazing to hear from our customers that we are always one step ahead of what they are looking for and expecting from a platform like ours. We can only achieve this if our company's entire focus is on innovating and improving the Platform.

A little bit better and brighter every day is a frequent phrase in our company, and we truly support it, our whole team does!

Unlimited users

Als het gaat om het aantal gebruikers, kent HUMBLE geen licentiestructuur, nee, wij vinden dat je moet samenwerken. Een onbeperkt aantal gebruikers met diverse rechten die parallel aan een gebouw werken, dat is de nieuwe standaard. Tijd, kosten en vooral stuurloosheid verslaan we door deze vorm van werken.

Anyone can work with HUMBLE; not just because of the user-friendliness of the front-end, but also because the system actually tells you if you are compliant or not. Preparing, implementing and checking an MJOP has never been so straightforward. And because of the unambiguous process, we normalize a stable way of working. One not prone to error or taking a lot of effort to decipher because your colleague is used to doing it differently.

Discover how you can add value to your real estate with HUMBLE

Humble Demo


  • Easy transition to HUMBLE Demo
  • Accommodate 5 buildings
  • Unlimited number of assets and users
  • 2 GB storage for all your documents
  • HUMBLE email support
  • One month trial period

Humble Pro

400 / year
per building

10 / year
per residence

  • Links to EP-Online, Kadaster, 2BA and others
  • Possibility to integrate own systems
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Priority on HUMBLE e-mail support
  • Telephone support

Humble Enterprise

On request  

  • Access to your own HUMBLE account manager
  • Specific service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Your own HUMBLE environment
  • Your own (sub)domain(s)
  • Hosting on your own servers


Build up of license price

30% continued development of HUMBLE

A substantial amount of our revenue is directly used for the further development of our product. Often these are wishes from our customers, but even more often they are ideas of which the customers didn't even know they were looking for a specific solution. In doing so, we remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to make an impression!

20% sounding board

The input of our clients is important in the development process. For this reason we spend 20% of our turnover on listening to our customer. We do this by, among other things, our customer success managers, who continuously ask clients about their needs. In addition, we organize a number of dedicated days when our users come together to think about the future of our product.

50% General

Of course, our company also has to make money and we too have our fixed costs that have to be paid every month. We do this with a maximum of 50% of the turnover. This ensures that we always keep an organization that remains lean and mean. After all, why do something with a lot of people when you can do it smarter and more efficiently?

Clients about HUMBLE

Bekijk de video over CMC (Curaçao Medical Center)

Het verhaal van CMC (Curaçao Medical Center) CMC (Curaçao Medical Center)

Dito Garmers  |  Directeur van Curaçao Medical Center

'HUMBLE creates added value for the hospital'

Dito Garmers, director of Curaçao Medical Center, describes the experience of working with HUMBLE. HUMBLE creates added value for the hospital by securing everything that raises the quality of the building on one platform. Also when the Digital Real Estate world in Curaçao is approaching, HUMBLE is ready to support Curaçao Medical Center!

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Bekijk de video over Redevco

Het verhaal van Redevco Redevco

Joep Wensveen  |  Property Manager

Full speed ahead to reach the goals of our Mission 2040!

Joep Wensveen of Redevco has decided to bring together all inspection and maintenance data of all properties on the HUMBLE Platform. This allows him to get a grip on all his property data and legal requirements. In combination with his proof of his sustainability ambition he closed the deal with two birds with one stone!

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Bekijk de video over Innax

Het verhaal van Innax Innax

Philip Blaauw  |  Founder

HUMBLE & INNAX intelligent data assist you to become more sustainable!

Philip Blaauw INNAX: We have really studied the market thoroughly and noticed that HUMBLE Online Software Platform is very user-friendly, customizable per customer and covers a very wide spectrum of building data.

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