Het verhaal van Innax

Het verhaal van Innax

Het verhaal van Innax

Het verhaal van Innax

Philip Blaauw INNAX: We have really studied the market thoroughly and noticed that HUMBLE Online Software Platform is very user-friendly, customizable per customer and covers a very wide spectrum of building data.

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'HUMBLE has everything that INNAX is looking for'

INNAX was in search of a broadly oriented data software package and found it at HUMBLE. Philip Blaauw, director-founder of INNAX, an authority in the field of energy sustainability. After extensive market research, Philip discovered that the Platform of HUMBLE is user-friendly, can be customized per customer and covers an enormously wide range of building data. HUMBLE's Platform had everything INNAX was looking for. In 2015, the Netherlands and other countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement, which entails that a large number of sustainability targets must be achieved by 2030 and 2050. Buildings must also become 'Paris-proof'. This is where the expertise of INNAX in the sphere of sustainability and the expertise of HUMBLE in terms of real estate data management come hand in hand. Teamwork is something that is extremely important to HUMBLE!

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'I am confident that the HUMBLE Platform could mean a lot, not merely for our sector, but for many more sectors!'

‘HUMBLE fills in something very unique for us. The click, the trust and the culture of the two companies are a perfect match. I am confident that the HUMBLE Platform could mean a lot, not merely for our sector, but for many more sectors!’

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'We no longer have to worry about our data, and are delighted that the HUMBLE platform is so innovative, secure and always up to date. HUMBLE is truly a front runner in this field!'

Paul Scholten is an early adopter in the healthcare sector. He struggled with the overview and insight in his data. At that point HUMBLE appeared before him and welcomed Paul as its first customer! This was a partnership that was here to stay, ensuring that Paul no longer had to worry about his real estate. HUMBLE’s Platform offered him everything he had been looking for: all data managed in one central place!

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Work hard, play hard!

Digitalization has been underway for a long time, according to Peter Gijbels of Melford. HUMBLE and Melford are both looking forward to working together on the compliance module for laws and regulations, safeguarding it and making a quality leap for customers in this! This is inherent to HUMBLE Online Software Platform at the same time.

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