Het verhaal van Prominus Vastgoedbeheer

Het verhaal van Prominus Vastgoedbeheer

Het verhaal van Prominus Vastgoedbeheer

Het verhaal van Prominus Vastgoedbeheer

Ruud Jonen, director of Prominus Real Estate, explains what he likes best about HUMBLE’s digital software package. ‘Together with HUMBLE, we are making a major digital leap forward in the world of real estate!’

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'Together with HUMBLE we are making a big digital leap in the world of real estate!'

Ruud Jonen, director of Prominus Vastgoedbeheer, explains that digitalization has a significant role within Prominus. In collaboration with HUMBLE, Prominus is trying to map out real estate projects to ensure that property owners have all the necessary information at their fingertips should they decide to sell. We also ensure that real estate projects are easy to research and find. According to Ruud, HUMBLE offers a fantastic software package for digitalization, which Prominus is happy to use for their clients. The right information in the right place, that's what we like about it. Everything can be found in one central place, and categorized appropriately. Excellent for our customers, in other words.' Prominus' customers are increasingly expressing the desire for digitalization, and the HUMBLE Platform is the perfect opportunity to do so. For the future as well. HUMBLE makes sure that everything is solved in the cloud, digitally, and that everything is known about the property, which brings a lot of satisfaction to our customers," says Ruud. 'Our partnership is proceeding really smoothly, we are very glad with our relationship! We are making a big digital leap in real estate together with HUMBLE!


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