The costs of managing real estate can often be quite a challenge. It is usually not that difficult to find and use the MJOP (multi-year maintenance planning) of one location, but understanding the MJOP of an entire portfolio of properties is commonly more demanding. Within HUMBLE, a user can create their own MJOP based on available cost metrics. In this MJOP, all types of maintenance can be distinguished and everything can be visualized in an orderly manner.

Comparing MYMP scenarios

It is easy to compare various scenarios side by side, for instance comparing a sustainability scenario to a regular MYMP. The MYMPS are conveniently comparable in dashboards with charts and lists, making it easy to focus on the information regarding the cost of your overall property. If you completely agree to the scenario, you can then expand the scenarios to an annual plan, and through the activities of the annual plan you can request comparative quotations from various suppliers, which you handle entirely via the HUMBLE platform.

Curious how the MYMP functionality works? Check out our instruction movie: