Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations are arguably the most important components of our platform. After all, how many rules and regulations exist in the Netherlands? Do all these rules also apply to your real estate? Without you having to worry about it, HUMBLE automatically performs a check on legal obligations for you. The only thing you have to do is make sure that the data on the platform is registered correctly. Using the NL-SfB code in combination with other relevant building and element information, we check which legal requirements are applicable to your real estate. The obligations that apply to your real estate then automatically create legal activities, which you can perform yourself or outsource to suppliers.

You simply add the evidence in the form of documents or if necessary in the form of checklists, which you can link to specific activities. We continuously update the applicable laws and regulations and ensure that you always know exactly what is applicable to your property. If we have added new regulations that apply to your property, you will receive a notification to inform you. You can then decide whether you want to implement the new sets of rules for your organization as well.

If you have additional requirements and obligations, you can create your own set of rules which will also immediately create the correct activities for the elements or buildings to which they apply. So you never forget anything and you are always up to date. Subsequently, you can review a comprehensive overview of the exact state of affairs with regard to the safeguarding of laws and regulations within your property. If you want to zoom in on a specific detail, you can obviously do that too. After completing a legal activity, the new activity is automatically scheduled with the correct interval and will also ensure in due course that you receive a notification of this obligation.

Notifications can be provided on the platform, but can of course also be sent by e-mail. In this way you are constantly up to date on what is happening within your real estate.