Drawing Management

In essence, drawings are simply documents, but when looking at the process within real estate, often much more happens with a drawing than with a document. Drawings are used extensively to show where elements are located, how big something is, which systems are related and so on. The process of drawing management is often underestimated within organizations, because it is difficult to secure it properly. Which is why do whatever comes naturally. Surely that installer or contractor has the latest version of the drawing available? But what if that relationship deteriorates, what happens to your drawings?

Usually, not properly securing drawing management leads to problems for our customers and therefore we have fully integrated the process of drawing management into HUMBLE. You can implement version management and indicate in PDF what needs to be changed in the original DWG drawings. When the latest version of the drawing is then made available again, the most recent drawing in the system is immediately visible to all users. This also makes it possible, for example, to call up distribution board drawings via a QR code directly in the app when you are standing near a distribution board.