Contract management

An enormous amount of work is always carried out by suppliers within the real estate environment. To properly document this within the buildings and link it to the corresponding assets, HUMBLE offers the possibility to record contract management. It is straightforward to compose a contract from one or more activities in the system and to outsource this contract to a supplier. In doing so, suppliers get direct access to the buildings and assets on which the contract is based.

You can then also have the supplier update the asset data. If you want to keep track of what is happening yourself, you can simply follow the contract, the building or the activity and you will receive notifications of any changes that are made to the system. As a user you always have an up-to-date overview and you share your own data with the parties you give access to. It is also possible to see when particular contracts expire, so you are never too late in terminating them. Of course you can also receive notifications of this in HUMBLE or you can receive them by e-mail. This way you always have a grip on your current contracts within real estate – which is exactly what you want, right?