BMS Notifications

Installers constantly receive e-mails containing (error) reports from customers’ BMS systems. Most of the time they still work from a mailbox in which the messages are handled in order of arrival. To determine the urgency of these messages, HUMBLE supports and advises you, and we also process these requests using HUMBLE Automated Processing.

This will save you a tremendous amount of work, because you don’t have to go through the maze of mails to see which one is more urgent. This also means that no error messages or malfunctions will be overlooked. HUMBLE prioritizes the reports and intervenes directly if necessary. You can immediately assign the right technician on duty through the platform by creating a job to handle the malfunction. As a building owner or manager you can also deploy this module as a link between you and the installer. Doing so, you will only appoint an installer when it is truly necessary, which will ultimately save costs because the installers do not need to take as much action on automated error reports.