Document management

Documents, exactly how many are lying around in your organization? They are often stored somewhere, but can never really be found, for example, because that one colleague had a different idea when arranging a folder structure than you did, or because a co-worker had simply forgotten to share something with you, and so on. HUMBLE makes it possible to save the files that are relevant to your real estate and share them with all users. This way you keep track of all your real estate related documents in one central place. You can attach tags to a document to make it easier to find it later. You can also link expiration dates and possible suppliers and contact persons to a document.

HUMBLE stores documents in a central repository so they can be linked to anything within the platform. You just save a document once and link it to a building, multiple elements, activities and so on. By storing the documents smartly, you will always be able to locate them in the future. And if for any reason you choose to stop using HUMBLE, you can download the documents into a folder structure that is understandable to you with the push of a button. You can also easily export the metadata that has been recorded for all documents.