Annual plan

Many organizations work with MJOPs, but what about the actual annual plan? It’s nice to have a long-term budget for your real estate, yet it is considerably more important to convert that budget into the actual activities you are going to carry out in a given year. Through the annual plan you can also monitor which activities have and haven’t been carried out, as well as the status of each activity and the actual costs. This also enables you to easily adjust the MJOP at a later date if the actual amounts from your annual plan differ from the amounts in the MJOP. You determine your entire annual plan each year and automatically create tasks in the system to assign to suppliers or to schedule them yourself. Requesting quotes from one or more suppliers for the activities in the annual plan is easy, allowing you to award the contract to the best provider. The supplier will then have direct access to the relevant activities in the system and can also directly handle those activities for the client, so that the platform can maintain a comprehensive overview at all times.