HUMBLE firmly believes in collaborating with all users on the platform and making sure that everyone has access to the data that is relevant to them. The users can then easily see what the status of the property is. This is done with the use of dashboards. Yet there are always people within the organization who prefer to see things reported in a report. We have therefore built in the option of creating your own reports. It is easy for users who have the rights to do so to create their own reports from a template.

All data available on the platform can then be reported in these reports. If you want to show graphs and tables that you also use in your own dashboards, it is very easy to find the right code for these graphs in the dashboard and use it in the reports.

Creating reports can sometimes be quite intensive, but by using HUMBLE you can do so at the touch of a button once you have created the template once. After choosing the right report and generating it, the platform gets to work on the back end to create and prepare the report. Upon completion of the report, you will receive a notification of this to inform you that you can download the report. All tables available on the platform can be easily exported with a single click on a button. Again, users can choose their own format, which can be used later or made available to the entire organization.