Data sharing

Collaborating on your real estate data together with multiple parties and individuals is what we at HUMBLE believe in. But how do you easily pass on the relevant data to the right people so they can work with it? As the owner of the data you decide which parties and persons you make the data available to within the platform. The person who is linked to a certain set of data automatically receives a message.

If that person has no login credentials yet, he or she will receive them in order to use the platform. Even if that person is already linked to data sets of other organizations, he or she does not need to create a new account a second time. An additional organization containing data is simply added to his or her environment. Through selection, users effortlessly switch between the various organizations to which they have permissions.

In case you want to revoke the data sharing with an organization or person, you can very easily do so. After removal of the link to the relevant organization or person, said organization or person will no longer have access to your organization’s data. This means you are always in control of who is allowed to access and view your real estate data.