There are quite a few activities within real estate. However, many of them are distributed across various systems. This is not the case with HUMBLE. All activities of the various assets and buildings are brought together in a comprehensive overview. This way you can easily see which elements need to be replaced. For example, where maintenance is still planned, but also elements that only need to be replaced in a few years time, these might already cause many failures. In such cases, it is often more sensible to replace these elements at an earlier stage. Whether it is an expired document, a KWIS report, a legal activity, or a replacement, you can see all the activities in one complete overview. You can subsequently delegate these activities to suppliers with relative ease.

After approving a quotation from a supplier, you then give him or her direct access to the data for the elements and activities that are of relevance to him or her. This way, the supplier can directly adjust the data in the system regarding the activities. A more transparent way of working together is virtually impossible!