What are we working on in the coming year?

Obviously, we are never done developing our Platform and indeed time is often our only limiting factor, since we certainly do not lack creativity in making digital property management even better. It is hard to give a perspective on the long term when it comes to a roadmap. We therefore present you with our concrete roadmap per quarter. In this way you can see exactly what we are making possible within the Platform in the near future. Is there anything in this roadmap that you as a user are missing? Something that you really want to have moved up on our agenda at an earlier stage? If so, feel free to send us a Product Improvement Request, and we will investigate whether this can be included in the short term.

Starting with the launch of the new Platform, we will also start with a bi-weekly update. Every two weeks you as a user will experience new features of our Platform. We are constantly evolving!


  • AFAS
  • Exact
  • 2BA integration with asset data


  • Other representations of the Platform (Netflix idea Home screen)
  • Import function optimization for automatic data checking and validation
  • Legionella control integration in own module
  • Fire scan integration in own module
  • NEN 3140 integration in own module
  • Generic use of quality score as for asset throughout the Platform and make it configurable by yourself
  • Determine yourself which information is placed at the top of lists


  • Operating cost management
  • Optimize budgeting
  • Benchmark and control budget amounts (high/low/average)


  • Automatic task scheduling and generation
  • Outsourcing tasks via request for quotation

Checklist management

We will be adding standard checklists for several legal obligations within the Platform in order to have an initial start to securing evidence through checklists instead of documents.

Document management

  • Launch of Drawing Management
  • Modify drawings
  • Versioning
  • Sharing of documents through HUMBLE via download link
  • Annotations on drawings

BMS portal

  • Integration with GBS notifications
  • Grouping and filtering of messages
  • Blocking of messages
  • Handling of GBS calls


  • Annotations on drawings