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How do you manage your real estate data? By keeping your real estate records in order, you increase the value of your real estate. You do so by keeping your real estate data conveniently arranged in one place at HUMBLE Online Software Platform. This way you keep a grip on everything that happens within your real estate and you guarantee the safety of everyone in your building.


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  Unlimited number of assets and users

  Grip on all legal obligations and costs

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Het verhaal van Innax Innax

Philip Blaauw  |  Founder

HUMBLE & INNAX intelligent data assist you to become more sustainable!

Philip Blaauw INNAX: We have really studied the market thoroughly and noticed that HUMBLE Online Software Platform is very user-friendly, customizable per customer and covers a very wide spectrum of building data.

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Easily get a grip on your real estate data with HUMBLE

HUMBLE Online Software Platform gives you control over everything that happens within your real estate and guarantees the safety of everyone in your building. You are always in control of legal obligations and costs and in control of the safety of your real estate. All your real estate data in one place.

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HUMBLE Online Software Platform
The new standard in real estate management

In today's world, each and every property owner or manager is constantly trying to get a grip. Property maintenance is a field in which many information streams come together. This is due to the use of various systems and work processes. As a result, staying in control is a genuine challenge.

On top of that, we are faced with ever-changing laws and regulations. These variables have caused a considerable amount of concern among the owners and managers we speak to in various sectors.

Although everyone is given an A for effort, we have noticed that no one is really in control. Make sure that you don't end up in a culture of tools and instruments in which you need a variety of systems to uncover a half-truth. Not to mention the fact that it takes a lot of time to bring all those tools up to date, which is something that nobody seems to be doing. Everyone has information, but can it be accessed easily and quickly? Is it up to date? Does it help you make decisions? Does it inform your partners and suppliers and does it fully secure your legal framework?

HUMBLE is the new benchmark. And what about us? We continue to impress!


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