All your real estate data is safe with HUMBLE

All your real estate data is safe with HUMBLE, logging in with two-factor authentication. Next to that, HUMBLE Online Software Platform is continuously checked for possible threats so that both your real estate data and your building are kept secure at all times. In addition, it is also possible to restrict login to the platform to people with a specific IP address, so people can’t log in from locations other than those to which you grant access.

In addition, HUMBLE is working on the security of our platform on a daily basis. This includes technical security, including:

  • Creating snapshots and backups of both files and databases
  • Ethical hacks on the platform to avoid possible attackers
  • Monitoring the use of the platform
  • Monitoring of servers for external incursions


No data loss ever with HUMBLE

In the application, the data of your organization is completely secured. Through roles and rights, the administrator of the organization determines exactly what each user within HUMBLE is allowed to see and do. In addition, the administrator can determine which rights a supplier has within his or her real estate data.

In a simple and easy way, it is possible to receive notifications of, for example, logged in users or changes to data on the platform. If data has changed without you knowing exactly how, you can understand why, because every change is traceable and is logged (who changed what and when, and what were the old and new values?). If you have the required rights, it is possible to restore old data with one mouse click. This ensures that you never have to worry about losing data.

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