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The benefits of HUMBLE Online Software Platform

Added value to your real estate

By ensuring that your real estate records are in order, your real estate will increase in value. This is made possible by storing your data conveniently in one place with HUMBLE Online Software Platform.

Grip and safety

HUMBLE Online Software Platform gives you control over everything that happens within your real estate and ensures the safety of everyone in your building. You are always up-to-date when it comes to legal obligations and costs and you maintain control over the safety of your real estate.

All data in one place

HUMBLE is the inbox for all your real estate data. No more searching, everything is easily accessible on one platform.

This is how you create added value for your building

You can read and understand our data

You need it to be able to comply with laws and regulations, but also to have an efficient, sustainable building.


Keep a grip on your real estate

Discover which package suits your organization best. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with this choice!

Humble Demo


  • Easy transition to HUMBLE Demo
  • Accommodate 5 buildings
  • Unlimited number of assets and users
  • 2 GB storage for all your documents
  • HUMBLE email support
  • One month trial period

Humble Pro

400 / year
per building

10 / year
per residence

  • Links to EP-Online, Kadaster, 2BA and others
  • Possibility to integrate own systems
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Priority on HUMBLE e-mail support
  • Telephone support

Humble Enterprise

On request  

  • Access to your own HUMBLE account manager
  • Specific service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Your own HUMBLE environment
  • Your own (sub)domain(s)
  • Hosting on your own servers

Discover the story of HUMBLE

We are proud of our customers

HUMBLE Online Software Platform is used by users in a wide variety of organizations, from healthcare organizations to those in property management, which makes us incredibly proud! Our customers make sure that HUMBLE is constantly improving, so we can fully meet their needs. The result is a happy client and a happy company!

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HUMBLE provides insight and overview

At HUMBLE we manage large amounts of data on behalf of our clients. This data is immediately available when you need it, so you have insight and overview anytime, anywhere!



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Manage all your real estate data on one platform!

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Dedicated to the management of all your real estate data, HUMBLE brings it all together in one place. Transparent, fast and without complicated searches. As easy as it gets!