This is what we’re working on

We’re working hard to add even more functionalities. We are also looking at how we can make HUMBLE even more user-friendly. We will, of course, keep you informed about this!

Add building with the Building Wizard

On of the coming features is adding a building with a Building Wizard. With this wizard we gather information which will result in a more complete data set, added to your building. For example, you’ll immediately see your energy label and you have the option to upload proofs.

Deltas between status updates from, among other things, notification management

We provide insight into the delta between status updates. For example, it becomes clear what the response times are between the creation of a notification and the completion of a notification. In this way you can easily demonstrate whether goals are achieved and, for example, in how many cases the maximum time to complete has been exceeded.

Compliance activity screen

The compliance activity screen is being revised. This makes adding burden of proof a lot easier.

We’re still working hard on

The new dashboards, activities, annotations on drawings and we are currently finalizing GBS management. This last module is already available, so feel free to contact us for a demo.